AURA Energy Power┇Open All Chakras with this Lovemotives Meditation Music

AURA Energy Power to Open All Chakras with this Lovemotives Meditation Music, Harmonise all chakra energy channels, bring balance and connect body mind and spirit as one unconditional love.

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💫 About This Music
☯ 963 Hz Crown Chakra, Oneness Enlightenment, Earth Solfeggio
☯ 852 Hz Third Eye Chakra, Returning To Spiritual Order, Earth Solfeggio
☯ 741 Hz Throat Chakra, Awakening Intuition, Earth Solfeggio
☯ 639 Hz Heart Chakra, Connecting/Relationships, Earth Solfeggio
☯ 528 Hz Solar Plexus Chakra, DNA Repair, Earth Solfeggio
☯ 417 Hz Sacral Chakra, Facilitate Change, Earth Solfeggio
☯ 396 Hz Root Chakra, Liberating Guilt and Fear, Earth Solfeggio
☯ 285 Hz Energy Body, Quantum Remembering, Earth Solfeggio
☯ 174 Hz Body Healing, Release/Complete Karma, Earth Solfeggio

💫 How To Use It
Enter the Present Moment of Now,
By observing your natural breathing flow,
Be The NOW

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