Deep Sleep Music – Piano and rain for you to relax when you are sad – BLACK SCREEN

In this video, you will hear a piano playing in the background with the sound of raindrops on a window. This type of music is used for relaxing and meditating.

It is raining heavily outside and you are feeling sad. This video is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the sounds of rain and a piano.

This video is a piano and rain sounds video to help you relax and get out of your head. I hope it helps.

Hashtag: #Sleepmusic #Pianorelaxing #Rainsounds
• Our music function: Meditation, Relaxing, Sleeping, Stress relief, Healing, Yoga
• The sounds appear in the video: Rain sounds, Thunder sounds, nature sounds, water sounds, Birdsong

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© Music copyright owned by BEO Black Screen Sleep Music
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• Recording device: Zoom H6

Thank you for listening to our music, wish you happiness and all the best!

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