Delta Waves ☯ The Deepest Healing Sleep ☯ Relaxing Music to Help you Sleep, Meditation , Inner Peace

Experience the best sleep you’ve ever had with Delta Waves, a deep sleep music that will help you to relax, meditate and reach inner peace. Use this relaxing music to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed.

Delta waves are the deepest brainwaves and can be found at the bottom of the sleep cycle. When you hear these waves, you will feel deep relaxation and tranquility. The music on this playlist has been specifically designed to help you achieve this state of relaxation, so press play and drift off into a deep sleep.
• Our music function: Meditation, Relaxing, Sleeping, Stress relief, Healing, Yoga
• Oscillation frequency: 528Hz, 417Hz, 888Hz

© Exclusive music copyright of Omachi Pham
© BEO therapeutic studies. team of researchers
© Image and video copyright is licensed by Storyblock

Thank you for listening to our music, wish you happiness and all the best!

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