Fall Asleep IMMEDIATELY • Relaxing Music for Sleep Meditation, Stress & Anxiety • Deep Sleeping

Native americans Nature Sounds is a #relaxing , #soothing and #meditative soundscape to study, sleep or relax. This soundscape will take you away to the American Indian natural environment with its beautiful, relaxing and serene sounds of nature.
A one of a kind app that is designed to help you relax. Play the sounds of the Native American #flute , drums, and rattles. Play these sounds in the background as you meditate or #sleep .
This video is perfect for when you’re looking for #relaxation , but don’t have time to close your eyes and listen to music. It has a soothing sound of nature with the relaxing sounds of waves, rain, and wind.
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Music composed by Carlos Carty & Pegasus Recording
Footage Copyrighted from Storyblocks , ShutterStock , Pexels