Fall into DEEP SLEEP [ 3.2Hz DELTA Waves ] Sleeping & Relaxing Music, Binaural Beats

If you’re trying to figure out how to stop insomnia, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, then try listening to this sleep music. With relaxing binaural beats 3,2Hz DELTA frequencies, this sleepscape by Zac will make your journey into dreamland as smooth as can be.
Wake up refreshed and ready for a new productive day!

I composed this deep sleeping music “Ancient Rome” with melodic breathing sounds and soothing Ambisonic 3D sound effects. This track is not just for deep healing sleep, it’s a peaceful ambient dreamscape that will be there to relax you all night.

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The Binaural Beat frequencies may affect brain waves – a process called entrainment
( 🎧 headphones required). No headphones required to enjoy the calming sounds.

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© Copyright & Credits
・Music, sound & visuals made exclusively for this channel by Zac

All music are original compositions created and produced by me personally.
They can not be copied, reused, remixed, re-uploaded or distributed without permission.

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