Journey to Yourself (relaxing piano music – calm, soothing, focus, relax, study music)

Another calm piano session. Relaxing piano music that might work for you as focus or study music, while reading, writing, designing the world of today and tomorrow, while reflecting, coding, getting things done, in the evening when winding down for a healthy sleep, or just as a tune to relax and enjoy.

Title: Journey to Yourself | Type: original fantasia piano music session

Similar to last year, this winter I had a couple weeks of reflection and thinking about life on Earth. About all of us on that ball-like spaceship we call Earth, and just me, myself.
While preparing for this piano session my mind came up with the short phrase “journey to yourself”. Not sure what it fully means yet, but I started some googling and found a wonderful article on what I believe the title might point at: Self-Discovery. I’ll share it here just in case it’s something you’re interested in as well:

I also hope you enjoy the music.
Stay healthy and live wonderfully!
Michael (relaxdaily*)

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