No Need To Rush (calm piano music – focus, stress relief, reflect, study music)

Another calm piano music session. Might become your focus or study music, a tune for your well-being, a stress relief soundtrack, music while reading, writing, designing, coding, reflecting, getting things done, or just a tune to relax and enjoy.

Title: No Need To Rush | Type: original fantasia piano music session

‘No Need To Rush’ came to my mind when I was doing my morning stretches earlier this week, and part of my mind was drifting off. Instead of doing the exercises and my morning routine mindfully, focussing on each move and part, my mind was looking for a shortcut and was thinking further into the day already. Then another part of my mind said ‘no need to rush, Michael’. That helped. It reminded me to keep doing my routine slowly and mindfully, one step at a time. Without thinking about other things at the same time, aware of each move and part of my routine. I notice that the more consciously I do things, the more joy I feel in doing it, and the more I am grateful for this gift: life.
How about you?

I hope you enjoy the music.
Stay healthy and wonderful!
Michael (relaxdaily*)

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*I’m Michael and I love creating music. I play, compose and record mostly calm and peaceful tunes and share these here on YouTube since 2011.

Music can be much more than just pure entertainment. It can be a meaningful soundtrack that accompanies us through a moment, through a day, a phase, or through life.

Many use my recordings and piano music sessions as music while reading, doing mind work, to achieve better focus, while studying, while being creative, while reflecting or meditating, while coding or designing a product, a service, or the world of today and tomorrow. From your comments, I know that my music also works as relaxing music, stress relief music, spa and yoga music, study, work and focus music, or to set a calm tone at cafes, bars, lounges, in hotels and restaurants, mostly at a low volume.

This project is not as much about a genre as it is about a feeling. A way of life. With my tunes, I try to take a little heat and speed out of our generally quite busy lives. A soundtrack for you, when you feel the need for a calm and peaceful, light and positive tune, the Michael way 😉

Thank you for tuning in, for following, liking, sharing and commenting!

© music & video (2021)
…stay wonderful!

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