Peaceful Night 💜 Soothing Deep Sleep Music ★ Calming Meditation Healing 528Hz

Deep gratitude for tuning in to this calming sleep music.🙏💜 Hope you enjoy this beautiful background with gentle water, purple water lilies and magical butterflies flying around. The soothing healing music is tuned to 528hz. You can read more about 528hz below.

Have a peaceful night 💜🌛

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Music Copyright: Personal Power – Sleep Serenity & Meditation

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★ About 528Hz
The 528Hz so called “Miracle Tone” activates our imagination, intuition and intention to operate for our highest and best purpose. Listening to 528Hz is also said to be followed by an increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, conscious awareness, awakened creativity, and ecstatic states like deep inner peace, joy and harmony.

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★ Science And Benefits Of Sleep:
Did you know that there is scientific proof that states that sleeping helps you improve your day-to-day life?

Whenever you are awake from a good night’s sleep you feel more relaxed, balanced and why not, even happy! This is why newborns and babies sleep so much, as their bodies and brains actually recuperate some necessary energy while they are asleep.

★ Sleeping helps the immune system
★ Sleeping deletes irrelevant memories you have stored up
★ Sleeping will also help you to integrate old information you already hold with new information you are learning.
★ Sleeping will help you avoid psychosis
★ Sleeping is good for your metabolism
★ Sleep helps to reduce stress
★ Sleep may reduce risk of depression

★ About Meditation:
Meditation is about developing our awareness through mindful practice. It is about finding the stillness that leads to mental clarity, calmness, and physical healing. It allows us to experience all our faculties as a whole person.
In life, most things are beyond our control. The only domain that we have influence over, is ourselves, our reaction and action. The world becomes a better place when we can react to it with more self-awareness. For this to happen, we must first cultivate ourselves, and there is no better way to do this than with meditation.

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★ About Us:

We love to provide you with therapeutic, healing, meditation & sleep music.

We are a channel that promotes sleep, healing, meditation, personal and spiritual growth.

We sincerely want our listeners and viewers to get real value out of visiting our channel.

We do everything from composing music and making our own video clips.

With our channel, we aim to deliver therapeutic sessions of healing & sleep music, affirmations and meditations to help our viewers grow at a personal level.
Hence our channel was named Personal Power – Sleep Serenity & Meditation

Welcome to our channel.


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