Pure Healing Sleep Music ✧ Fall Asleep Immediately ✧ Meditation Relaxing Music

Thanks for being here for this pure deep sleep music. This video was created to help you calm down and fall instantly into deep sleep at night.

🎵🎵Instruments used: Background pads of software synthesizers, flutes, piano, sitar, textural noise effects and various combined sounds.

Good night & sleep tight 💖🌛🎵

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🎵 Music composed by Planet Of Tranquility
📷 Video created by Planet Of Tranquility


Welcome to Planet Of Tranquility.

We compose our own original tranquil music for sleep and meditation. We make our own magical visuals that synchronizes well with our music. We are devoted and passionate about our work, and we serve to give you a positive and valuable experience out of visiting our channel.

Thank you for being here.

🙏 Planet Of Tranquility

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