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Giving Reiki healing to yourself is simple – the process and the hand positions are essentially the same as when you are giving Reiki to other people.

Find a quiet place where you know you will not be disturbed. Make your space relaxing, turn off the lights, you can light a candle, and put on some soothing Reiki music. Prepare your environment for giving and receiving love and nurturing!

Before you begin your Reiki self healing, you may want to center yourself using the three Kanji hand positions:

Position #1 – Sitting or standing if you wish, place the tips of your index fingers together interlacing the rest of the fingers on both hands. Close your eyes for about 30 seconds and focus on your Reiki point – about 2 inches bellow your navel.

Position #2 – Same as above, but your middle fingers are touching. The rest of the fingers are interlaced. Hold the position for about 30 seconds and envision your Reiki point being filled with bright white healing light.

Position #3 – All of your fingers are intertwined. Hold this for 30 seconds and allow energy to flow freely through your body.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. You can put a pillow underneath your knees if you are lying down. Cover yourself with blanket if you are feeling a little cold.

Now, turn your attention inward and begin to scan your body. Start with your head and scan all the way through down to your toes.

What do you sense in each part of your body?

Is there any tension?

Can you let go of the tension?

Do you feel pain in some parts of your body?

Can you let go of wanting to change it?

Can you accept this present moment for what it is?

Now that you are centered and ready for healing, you can begin giving yourself Reiki.

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