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**About This Sound Bath**
Welcome to our second Zodiac sound bath, ♉Taurus♉. Taurus is one of 3 Earth signs, said to be the second Zodiac in a series of 12, this is the sign of stability. Taurus is known for its strength and dependability, a sign of practicality and grounding.

We used several different instruments for the translation of this sign into sound. Beginning with the gong, this instrument was chosen to represent the power and strength of the Taurus energy, grounding and deep. Accompanied by our shaker, this instrument was used to represent the wind up of a bulls leg before they take charge, giving us the charge we need to be there for those we love at a moments notice. We also included the soft chimes of our Earth Koshi chime to represent the soft, tenderness of this powerful Zodiac sign.

As for our singing bowls, we used the Root bowl, note C, to represent another softer stage of grounding our energy. The Heart bowl, note F, which is said to be the Chakra associated with Taurus and represents the love and compassion of this divine sign. And we used the Throat bowl, note G, which was chosen to represent the body part that is said to be ruled by Taurus, the throat. Lastly, we’ve included a bull stampede as our base track to create a powerful foundation for the entire sound bath.

By combining all of these vibrations, we’ve created a sound bath to ground our energy while giving us the power to access our own heart space. Giving us the opportunity to have the strength and dependability we need to be reliable and present for our everyday interactions in life.

This sound bath is perfect for Taurus, Sun, Moon, and Rising signs as well as anyone who wants to experience some grounding and strength in their lives. Enjoy.

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